CN540 Vacuumized & Nitrogenized Can Sealing for Milk Powder Production Line

Product description

Based on our successful patented product, full automatic vacuumized & nitrogenized can sealing production line, and the introduced foreign technology, this equipment is developed as a new generation of full automatic vacuumized & nitrogenized can sealing for milk powder production line. With machine frame made of full stainless steel, touch screen operation and PLC control, it can realize a full automatic performance, including automatic can passing in and out,automatic feeding cover and vacuumized & nitrogenized, automatic can sealing, which will bring an easy operation and adjusting, as well as high work efficiency. It conforms to hygienic requirement for canned food industry.

The main parameters

Capacity30-32 can/minute
Application scopecan diameter:Φ99-Φ127mm, outer can height:130-190mm
Outline size6000x1700x1750(mm)